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Phaguner Mohona

Rumjhum is a huge fan of Superstar ‘Ayush Kumar Sen’, the heartthrob of Bengal. She idolizes Ayush as her superhero. But in reality, Ayush is scandalous & arrogant with a negative shade to his image.

The box office loves him so does the audience. Destiny brings them together to unravel the love story of a fan girl and her Superstar. Ayush spots Rumjhum at a shoot and to his dismay, she brings out a different side of his personality with each passing interactions. Rumjhum’s Cindarella love story was taking shape as she was spending time with her Prince - Charming.

As the story unfolds they spend one night together but that instigates the past trauma of Ayush. He leaves the village without telling anything to Rumjhum. She leaves her village and travels to Kolkata to find out about Ayush. She faces a lot of difficulties and hurdles.

What will happen to her? Will she be able to find Ayush? Or does fate has other plans for her?


A young woman leads her life happily in an orphanage until she crosses paths with a prominent lawyer who proposes a contractual marriage in return for helping her get through a difficult situation.

Uron Tubri

Uron Tubri is an 2022 Indian Bengali language television series broadcasts on Zee Bangla and is also available on the digital platform ZEE5. The series is produced by Friends Communication. It stars Sohini Banerjee, Sukanya Basu and Soume Chatterjee as three sisters and actress Laboni Sarkar as their mother.


Due to tribal rules and rituals, Sikha and Vikram get married unknowingly. However, complications arise when they seek approval from their families.

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Jahaanara, a progressive Muslim, and her sister, Rubina, embark on a mission to seek justice for shackled women who have been victims of the traditional system of triple talaq.

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