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The themes of Padatik are intricately and irreversibly braided with the qualities and beliefs of the protagonist himself. It is a coming of age narrative where the sub- themes revolve around survival and perseverance, love and friendship. Society comes in as a theme in the film because of the role it plays in Sen's life and work.

"Progress" becomes a primary and a sub theme in both senses of the term and these sub themes aid in attributing special attention to the complex political milieu that Sen lived in and left behind.


Kedar Chowdhury is a senior policeman in the Detective Department of Kolkata Police. He and his team, comprising of both young and old cops, investigate the most heinous crimes in the city. When a couple of new murders of women living alone in Kolkata take place, leaving behind a trail of meticulously staged crime scenes, Kedar is reminded of an old case from his early days as a policeman, a case which really changed him as a man and as a cop.

The original killer is in the asylum, so who is behind this new set of murders? Kedar deploys his team the young Ritesh, the veteran Naseer and the brute force named Bishwa - to solve the crime. With each new murder, the killings become increasingly macabre and shocking, challenging the Detective Department's ability to predict his next move. As they race against time, the team faces mounting pressure to prevent the killer from completing his grand scheme that will cement his twisted legacy.

Joto Kando Kolkatatei

Saba is on her first visit to Calcutta in search of her roots.

Saba's mother Maya was adopted by a doctor Rehman after the untimely passing away of her biological parents. The address in her parents' ids were found to be fake. However, her true background could never be ascertained and remained shrouded in mystery. Maya would keep the photo ids of her biological parents along with her foster ones (who had also died by then) on her bedside table. One day Saba noticed the stamp of an old photo studio in Kolkata behind the photographs of her grandparents. She decides to follow this clue and find her roots.

Saba's search starts at the decrepit building which used to be the old photo studio. Next stop, the Roychoudhury ancestral home, 'Maya Kunjo. Here she meets the remaining members of her biological grandfather Alok. Alok Roy Chowdhury came from a wealthy aristocratic Bengali family in Calcutta. In the mid- fifties, the young Alok who had just returned after completing his studies from England, fell in love with suzanne, an attractive Anglo Indian crooner at a famous park street nightclub, Trincas. It was an iconic place in Kolkata during 1950's. It is the only place in Park Street that has never brought the curtains down.

Later in the film Saba unearths what had transpired. Alok and Suzy had fled the city and went into hiding for some time in a secluded tea garden bungalow near Darjeeling. They completely obliterated their past and tried to start a new life.

They find a confidential letter, which N N Roychowdhury had left behind for his son Alok, if he ever returned. The letter had a curious riddle that supposedly leads to something precious & valuable. Sabah is intrigued and takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of it.

As the story unfolds, Bouddhayan Chatterjee, an elderly erudite Bengali gentleman, an authority on Calcutta's history and heritage, helps her in solving this puzzle. In the course of her search she meets Topshey, a young virtual tour guide in Kolkata. Throughout the mystery adventure that the two embark upon, Topshey keeps giving Pheluda references and quizzes Saba on the detective stories.

This journey takes them St John's church in Kolkata to a boarding school in Darjeeling hitting a dead end. But suddenly they inadvertently hit upon the biggest clue to their puzzle and finally find their answers and resolutions as skeletons tumble out of the closet leading to happy celebrations of a happy ending.


The film is an edgy and spine -chilling thriller about the notorious anti-social Bimal Mandal, who ruled the Rishra-Hindmotor-Konnagar area for years until his reign of terror was choked, once by his arrest by the sharp super cop, DIG, CID Divakar Sen, on December 22, 2005. However, the notorious criminal, who had numerous gruesome murders to his credit, got away due to lack of evidence against him. Finally he was betrayed and murdered by his trusted associates, in 2011, as is often the fate of such ferocious kingpins. Hubba's unpredictable behavior, sharp intelligence, volatile nature and unnatural lust for the feel of that first squirt of blood on his skin, each time he slashes the victims in a particular way, adds a certain para- normal scare to his strange psyche, and yet we see glimpses of a passionate lover, responsible husband and sometimes a childlike innocence in the protagonist. Hubba's obsession with films and heroines and his lust for power sees him exploit and be exploited by a certain political leader. The brilliant game of outsmarting one another, between the cop, Divakar Sen and Hubba, adds a heady and racy pace to the story, until the two seem to become like alter egos of one another and leaves us wondering about that thin line of morality which often gets blurred.

Shesh Pata

An old adage says – Pay off your debt, and you're a free man! However, debt or loans are not limited to money. It can be anything at all. Debt, its repayment and the sense of freedom it brings are the three pillars of the story exploring how debt affects both the giver and the receiver.

Formerly a well-known writer, Balmiki, 58, now lives in obscurity stripped of dignity and respect. A year ago, a publishing house gave him an advance of forty thousand rupees to write about his wife, who was murdered thirty years ago. Despite repeated requests, Balmiki has not provided a single page of the manuscript. To recover the writing, the publishing house engages Sounak, a young debt recovery agent. Balmiki tells Sounak he cannot write on his own due to ill health. Now, Sounak engages Medha, a middleaged woman to write down what Balmiki dictates. Assisting Balmiki with his writing is not an easy task. Moody, evasive and impulsive, he quickly drives Medha into chaos. A unique journey awaits Balmiki, Medha, and Sounak as they pursue opposing and conflicting objectives. Interestingly, the last page of Balmiki's writing holds a lot of surprises.


Aparajito Ray, a young filmmaker is being interviewed on All India Radio, Calcutta. He has just arrived on the global scene with his debut film Pother Podaboli that has created a sensation in World Cinema and has bagged a prestigious international award.

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Mahananda is crafted with care. From the actors to the crew members and musicians – every one seems to have worked in tandem with the captain of the ship, Arindam Sil. Mahananda is a slow burner. The strength of the film is its non-linear narrative through which the protagonist's childhood and youth are portrayed.

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Dictionary is an Indian Bengali-language drama film directed by Bratya Basu and produced by Firdausul Hasan and Prabal Halder. Music is composed by Prabuddha Banerjee. The storyline of the film is based on the story, Baba Hoya and Swami Hoya, by Buddhadeb Guha The film was theatrically released on 12 February 2021.

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Mukhomukhi is an Indian Bengali language film directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee. The film is based on a drama Abayab written by the director himself. The film released in India on 1 February 2019. Agnibha (Played by Rajatava) is a novelist Isha's (Played by Gargee) biggest critic. So, when he adds a twist to her latest story about an estranged couple, (played by Jisshu and Paayel), things quickly drift towards an uncertain end.

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Mayurakshi is a 2017 Bengali film directed by Atanu Ghosh and produced by Firdausal Hassan and Probal Halder for Friends Communication. The music was composed by Debojyoti Mishra.The film won the award for Best Bengali feature film at the 65th National Film Awards. In the modern world, with work pressures and financial woes mounting, isolation and stress becoming an integral part of life, most people believe that father and son bonding is becoming a thing of the past.

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Megh Nad Bodh Rahasya

Megh Nad Bodh Rahasya (English:The Mystery of the Murder of Meghnad) is a 2017 Indian Bengali-language suspense thriller film directed by Anik Dutta with Debojyoti Mishra as music director. It was the third movie of Dutta which was released in 14 July 2017. It is said that the film was loosely based on Meghnad Badh Kavya with a few legendary references from The Ramayana.

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Shaheb Bibi Golaam

Shaheb Bibi Golaam is an Indian Bengali thriller film directed by Pratim D. Gupta and stars Anjan Dutt, Swastika Mukherjee and Ritwick Chakraborty in the lead roles. The film depicts the story of a contract killer, a housewife and a taxi driver from a Metropolitan city.

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Abby Sen

Kolkata 2013. Abby Sen is a 30-year-old television producer. He is academically brilliant, has a strong background in science and watching science fiction films is his greatest passion. But his programmes on television are never popular and fail to make a mark on the TRP ratings. And that is perhaps the only reason why Abby has lost no less than seven jobs. Every time he is fired, his wife Somy gets hysterical and throws down everything that she could lay her hands on. So Abby has not disclosed his last dismissal to her.

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Natoker Moto

This film is about the journey of Kheya, a theatre artist and her multi-dimensional experience as a girl, as a woman and even as an artist. It is more so when especially a woman is of maverick capability and of excellence beyond her time. While the film depicts the scenario of Kolkata's socio-cultural circuit spanning from 1950 to 1970s, it aspires to bring about the struggles and conflicts that a female artist has to go through even after two decades of globalization. The film, through an investigation of sudden demise of an extremely reputed actress’ death delves into an ongoing search behind the causes of ceaseless conflicts a female artist has to confront and is made to remain submissive in the paradigm of male domination. The film intends to get into precise details of the artist's life so as to expose the obstructions, understand the strength of creative aspirations, and to ablaze with the delightful journey of the artistic soul that unfortunately got cut short. However, this film is envisaged to be in coherence with the belief in the unending journey of the artist who still remains alive with the lively river and the living art.

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Family Album

Family Album is a 2015 Bengali drama film starring Swastika Mukherjee, Paoli Dam, Riya Sen. This movie is best described as a family album filled with sad, eccentric, shocking truths about people when dealing with relationships not quite considered conventional. The ending leaves you uneasy.

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Take One

An Indian Actress Doel Mitra, shoots to overnight infamity igniting the wrath of conservative indian society when a bold sex-scene from one of her foreign films is leaked on the internet, When the public scandal happens. Doel is in the middle of shooting an indian film in which she plays the part of the mythological Hindu character,Sita.

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Rupkotha Noy

Sisir Roy (Soumitra Chatterjee) is a 72-year-old man, long retired from a government office as Upper Division Clerk. His family consists of his son Prasanta (Bhaskar Banerjee) and daughter-in-law Mandira (Soma Chakrabarty). Sisir's wife died many years ago. Everyday, Sisir goes to the park and interacts with different people. Over a period of time, five young people become acquainted with him. Ahana (Sohini Sarkar), a newly married girl, restless and immature, who repeatedly flees from her in-law's place, much to the anxiety of people close to her. Her newly married husband Prasit (Gourab Chakrabarty) is quite baffled about her behaviour and is desperately on the lookout for a solution.

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